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What's New

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Where's the boss?

Gaggle has been modified so that geese should start up a minimized boss if the boss is already running. You can make this boss visible by selecting it in your list of geese and clicking the Show (or "S") button.

In Firegoose, this option is off by default, but you can turn it on from the Tools/Firegoose menu.

If this feature doesn't work for some reason, please let us know. You can use the following link to start up a boss manually:


Firegoose "Paster" Application

This application allows you to paste data from any application (for example, Excel) into the firegoose which you can then broadcast to any goose. It should work with the latest (5/8/07) versions of Firegoose (see above). Unlike the other tools on this page, it will work with either the old or new boss/geese, as long as you have the appropriate version of Firegoose installed.

This is still under development so please send feedback if you notice any issues. Large amounts of pasted data will likely cause your browser to crash; for that purpose, use the boss clipboard and/or wait for future software that will address this issue.

Paster Application

Source Code

The source code for the new Gaggle API can be browsed or checked out from the following Subversion repository:

JavaDoc API Documentation is also available. This is updated within 30 minutes after each commit.

Reporting Issues and Feature Requests

Please use our issue tracking system to notify us of bugs or feature requests for this new version of Gaggle. Please file your issue under the project "Gaggle - current API (2007-04)".

Questions and other Feedback

If you have any questions about the new API, please use the Gaggle Discussion Groups. You do not have to subscribe to any mailing lists.

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