Package org.systemsbiology.gaggle.core.datatypes

Contains the core datatypes of the Gaggle.


Interface Summary
GaggleData Every gaggle data type implements this.

Class Summary
Cluster An object encapsulating the notion "these items (genes, proteins, etc.) are interesting in these conditions".
GaggleTuple The top-level GaggleDataType for transmitting relatively-free form data structures.
Namelist A list of identifiers.
Single An n = 1 tuple with an optional name identifier.
Tuple If n = 1 we say "single", if n = 2 we say "double", and if n is any arbitrary number, we call it a tuple.

Package org.systemsbiology.gaggle.core.datatypes Description

Contains the core datatypes of the Gaggle. These all implement the interface GaggleData which in turn implements Serializable, which is required for all classes that are going to be transmitted over RMI.