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Experiment Meta Information Markup Language

EMI-ML is an XML-based language that has been developed to support and describe the experimental context of a scientific experiment. Unlike most current scientific XML data standards, EMI-ML is NOT focused on capturing the details of a scientific technology. Instead, the goal of EMI-ML is to capture the data that is important to researchers in integrative and high-throughput sciences.

The principles upon which EMI-ML is founded are

  1. The data standard should be free of technology semantics
  2. The data standard must be able to accommodate diverse high-throughput data
  3. The data standard must describe a systems-wide perspective of a scientific experiment.
  4. The data standard should be both beneficial to the benchtop and computational scientist

Currently, the Baliga laboratory uses the Meta Data Loader to convert their data into this XML-based data standard. However, it is designed to be easy to both read and write, thus allowing new tools and applications to be created easily and quickly.

Current Schema

The current version (v1.0) of the EMI-ML schema is available for download (right-click and save, won't show up in browsers).

View a sample EMI-ML document.

EMI-ML is a data standard that will continue to evolve to fit the needs of laboratory and computational researchers. We will track the development of EMI-ML and strive to provide backwards comptability for all EMI-ML documents. Please send any EMI-ML questions, suggestions for improvement, etc. to Michael Johnson

For software that uses EMI-ML, please start at the DataLoader page

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