Gaggle Components
Data Standards

Overview of Geese of the Gaggle

The Boss acts as a hub that routes messages from one goose to another.

A database or software program that is capable of communicating with the Gaggle framework is called a Goose. Here is a (partial) list of Geese:

  • Annotation. Search for functional annotations.
  • Bioinformatics Resource Manager. A general purpose data management, analysis and integration environment for systems biology.
  • Cytoscape. Network visualization.
  • DMV. Datamatrix Viewer.
  • Firegoose. A Firefox Extension that connects the Gaggle to the Web.
  • Chrome Goose. A Google Chrome Extension that connects the Gaggle to the Web.
  • Genome Browser. View data in genomic context.
  • MatGoose. Exchange data between MatLab and the Gaggle.
  • MeV. MultiExperiment Viewer. Cluster and visualize microarray data.
  • R Goose. Exchange data between the R statistical environment and the Gaggle.
  • Translator. Translate identifiers between naming systems or (by orthology) between organisms.
  • Script Goose. A goose with an embedded HTTP server and command-line client, allowing programs written in any language to communicate with the Gaggle.

Gaggle is designed to make it easy to connect programs and databases with a minimum of effort. There are several third party Gaggle-connected applications.

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