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Gaggle Boss

The Gaggle Boss is an indispensable part of the Gaggle. Most geese will automatically launch the Boss (in a minimized state) if it is not already running. Once started, the Boss often retreats into the background, providing the channel over which the geese communicate, but little used by the user. It looks like this (after three other geese have been started):


The boss has a plugin architecture, so that programmers can easily add new tabs, and new capability. Examples include: annotation search, a clipboard, a jython interpreter, a place from which to launch geese.

Tray Boss

The Boss' underlying architecture is relatively simple allowing for it to be refactored to suit specific workflow needs. In an effort to make the Boss even more unobtrusive, we have implemented it as a small application that resides in an operating system's notification area - the TrayBoss. The TrayBoss retains all primary features of the original Boss and can be set to silently start at user login, reducing Gaggle/Boss connection delays. New features of this implementation include tighter integration with the OS clipboard, allowing for data to be sent from and retrieved by applications not explicitly connected to the Gaggle. The Tray Boss is available here.

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