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Data Matrix Viewer

The DMV: Data Matrix Viewer

This is an ISB goose, with a few useful features:

  1. Read and explore data matrix files in a simple tab-delimited file format or a data repository.
  2. When microarray data are accompanied by a simple ISB-standard metadata file, the DMV displays the experimental conditions for all available data, allowing the biologist to select some or all data to explore. This choice is presented in the left-most pane (see below).
  3. Once loaded, you get a spreadsheet-like view of the data.
  4. Other selections, or other files of data, will be loaded into new tabs.
  5. X-Y plots of any selected rows may be plotted, and will appear in yet another new tab.
  6. Movies may be run, in which gene/expression values are broadcast to a selected goose, one column at a time. Most commonly, the target goose is a Cytoscape network view of the genes in the microarray experiment; the Cytoscape goose is configured to interpret those expression values, and accompanying statistical measures (when avaialable) to color and size the nodes in the network.
  7. Numerical matrices and gene lists, in addition to the movie data, can be broadcast to or from the DMV.

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