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Tab delimited file format

The DMV can load tab-delimited text files with labeled rows and columns. As a concrete example, gene expression data may be formatted with a gene on each row and a condition for each column. An expression data file might look like this:

GENE          drk_1665min  drk_1800min  drk_1980min
VNG1951G       0.141        0.154       -0.059
VNG1659G       0.169        0.18         0.191
VNG1282G       0.153       -0.141       -0.157
VNG6232G       0.091        0.109        0.208
VNG0318G       0.149       -0.02         0.05

The column headers are the conditions under which the measurements were taken, the rows are gene identifiers, and the values in this example consists of relative expression levels expressed as log10 ratios. Columns should be separated by tabs.

Data Repositories

The DMV can also work with richer data in a format called a "Data Repository", which consists of multiple tab-delimited files and associated descriptive information. A tool to create and manipulated data repositories, the Data Loader, is forthcoming. The Data Repository format is documented in the Gaggle wiki.

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