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As always, the first step is to make sure the Gaggle Boss is running. To start the Boss, click here.

Help using the Firegoose toolbar

Using the Firegoose toolbar, you can broadcast data between the gaggle and web resources. You can also broadcast from one web resource to another.

For a list of web resources accessible to the Firegoose and help using them, see the target help.

Broadcast from Gaggle to the Web

There are two steps to broadcasting from another goose to the Firegoose.

  • Make the broadcast from the desktop application to the Firegoose.
  • Then choose a website from the target drop-down menu on the Firegoose toolbar and click the Broadcast button.

The target website will be displayed in a new browser window. The toolbar will interact with the website to bring up data related to your broadcast.

Broadcast from the Web to Gaggle

The Firegoose can take data from certain web pages and broadcast back to the Gaggle. This is done by selecting the data in the Gaggle Data drop-down menu, selecting a Gaggled application in the Target menu and clicking the Broadcast button.

Broadcast from one Web Resource to another

The Firegoose can also broadcast from on web site to another, for example from KEGG to EMBL STRING. This is accomplished exactly the same way as broadcasting back to the Gaggle.

  • Select data in the Gaggle Data drop-down menu.
  • Select a website in the Target menu.
  • Press the Broadcast button.

More Features

Further assistence.

Please report bugs using the Issue tracker and ask questions on the discussion groups. Thanks for trying the Firegoose!

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