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  • Firefox 1.5.x, 2.0.x or 3.0.x
  • Java 1.5 or higher and Java browser plug-in.

Warning Windows Firewall may try to block socket connections from the Firegoose. If this happens, you need to change local security settings.

Java next-generation plug-in Users having trouble with Firegoose on Linux may want to refer to the Next-Generation Java™ Plug-In Release Notes. The instructions specify adding a symlink at ~/.mozilla/plugins to ...jre/lib/i386/ This has worked for users on firefox 3.0.9 and 3.6.3 on Ubuntu 10.4 with java version 1.6.0_20.


  1. Verify that you are using a supported version of Firefox (using the About menu item).
  2. Uninstalling previous versions should not be necessary, but instructions are provided below.
  3. Click here: firegoose-1.0.1310.xpi.
  4. Firefox may ask you for permission to install software from the Gaggle website.
  5. Start the boss here.
  6. Verify that you want to install the Firegoose extension.
  7. Exit Firefox and restart.

Development snapshot releases

  1. For the brave and the foolhardy, the latest possibly unstable and definitely untested development release:
    • No dev release available at the moment.


  1. From the Tools menu select Extensions (or Add-ons).
  2. Click the Find Updates button to look for updates for all extensions.
  3. Or, right-click on the FireGoose entry and select Find Update to look for updates just for the Firegoose.
  4. If an update is installed, exit Firefox and restart.


  1. Start Firefox.
  2. Select the Tools|Extensions (or Add-ons) menu item.
  3. Select old Firegoose Extension.
  4. Click the Uninstall button in the lower left.

    Some older versions appear as "Java Firefox Extension"

  5. Exit Firefox and restart.

Known Bugs

  • Windows Firewall may block connections from Firefox to the Boss
  • Java 6 Update 10 on Windows causes the Firegoose not to work. The solution to this problem is here.
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