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General Installation of the Gaggle

Warning! The Gaggle requires Java 1.5. If Java is not installed on your computer, or if only an older version is installed, the Gaggle will not run.

Though some organizations and researchers will wish to build and install the entire gaggle on their own computers, most people (we predict) will be happy to use our Java Web Start installation procedure.

In either case, you must install on your computer Java version 1.5 or higher. Please see

In this approach, you install and run the gaggle (which includes the boss, and any geese you are interested in) by simply clicking links on a web page (as you can see in this H. pylori demo); the programs are automatically downloaded and started. The next time you run each program, the download step will be skipped, unless a new version is available.

Installing the R Goose

R, unfortunately, is a little more trouble to install (but well worth the effort!). For installation instructions for the R Goose click here.

Installing the MatGoose

Information about installing and using the MatLab goose can be found here.

Installing the Firegoose

The Firegoose is a toolbar for Firefox that connects the Gaggle to the web. Click for installation instructions.

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