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The Gaggle requires Java version 1.5 or later in order to run.

Use this web start program to find out what version you currently have. If it reports a Java version less than 1.5, you must upgrade.

Why We Require Java 1.5

The Gaggle depends upon Remote Method Invocation (RMI) for communication among the geese.   In earlier versions of Java, the Gaggle Boss had to be compiled together with every goose; if we did not compile the Boss specifically with your goose, then your goose would not run.

With version 1.5, this restriction is eliminated. We find this very useful, and feel that it justifies the extra burden placed -- upon Mac OSX users in particular -- who must specially install Java 1.5 (and who may, additionally, need to upgrade their operating system to 10.4). We provide explicit step-by-step Mac OSX instructions to lighten that burden; these may be found, along with instructions for Windows and Linux, by following the links shown below.

Windows | Mac OSX | Linux

Install java 1.5 for Windows

  1. Go to the Jave download page.
  2. Accept the License Agreement.
  3. Choose the appropriate 'Windows Platform' option -- either online or offline.

Install java 1.5 for Mac OSX

  1. Make sure that your Mac is runing OSX 10.4 (or a subsequent version).   To find this out, click on the blue Apple logo at the top left of your menubar; choose 'About This Mac'. If the version reported there is less that 10.4, then you need to upgrade OSX in order to install Java 1.5, and to run the Gaggle.

    As of OS X 10.4.5, Java 1.5 is the default and should already be installed.

  2. To determine which version of Java is set as default, open a terminal window and type:
     java -version
    If your version of Java is 1.5 or greater, you're all set.
  3. You can also determine what version of Java will be used for webstarts by running this test program:
  4. If Java 1.5 is not your default, follow these instructions to install Java 1.5 and set it as the default.

Install java 1.5 for Linux

  1. Go to the Java download page.
  2. Accept the License Agreement.
  3. Choose the appropriate 'Linux Platform' format -- either RPM or self-extracting file.
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