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Send us information about your Gaggle-enabled application

As developers of an open-source integration framework for systems biology applications, we are proud that Gaggle has been adopted by so many independent third parties and we would like to acknowledge everyone who has done so.

We would like our website to be a central clearinghouse for all information about Gaggle applications (and Gaggle-compliant websites), no matter where they are developed. We hope this will make your applications easier to find and result in wider usage.

To help us accomplish this, please send us the following information:

  • Name of the application or website
  • Brief description of what it does
  • Screen shots
  • Video tutorials
  • References to papers where the app or site has been mentioned
  • Any other information you would like to share.
  • Names of authors and institutions which created the app or site. We want to make sure you receive proper credit.

Please send this information to the Gaggle mailing list or Christopher Bare and we will feature it on our website.

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