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The Gaggle's source code is all open source, licensed under the LGPL, and served using the Subversion source code control system.

The current development branch of Gaggle is located in:

The previous release version is located here:

  • To use the Subversion archive hosted at the Institute for Systems Biology, take the following steps. (These instructions use unix-style commands; Windows users translate accordingly.)
    1. Locate or install a Subversion client. (Below we use the command-line client, svn.)
    2. mkdir yourInstallationDirectory
    3. svn checkout yourInstallationDirectory
  • For authenticated access (allowing commits) to the Subversion archive, a password is required:
    • svn checkout --username username --password password yourInstallationDirectory
  • For more documentation on SVN see the subversion book.

Related Projects

  • The repository for the metaDataLoader source is available here:


JavaDocs for the Gaggle are available here.


The Gaggle, like all software produced at ISB, is available under the Gnu Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

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