This tutorial guides the user through a systems-level analysis of the response in gene expression in Halobacterium salinarum NRC-1 to changes in oxygen levels. It demonstrates the capabilities of the Firegoose, a data integration extension to the Firefox browser and part of the Gaggle framework.

For readers of the Firegoose paper, part 2 of this tutorial closely follows the case study outlined in figure 5. A quick demo is also available.


Part 1 (Optional)

Derive differentially expressed genes using Gaggle

Part 2

Discover functional relationship using Firegoose


Requirements for Part 1

Note: Installing R and setting it up to communicate with the Gaggle takes some effort. For details, see the installation instructions for the R goose. R is not required for Part 2.

Requirements for Part 2

Previous Version

To accomodate older versions of the Gaggle (2005-11) and Firegoose (0.6.x) an older version of the tutorial is here. Most users can ignore this.

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