Sulfolobus solfataricus

Peptide genome browser

Integratied view of tiling arrays, RNA-seq, and proteomics.

Peptides are given transparency based on "peptide identification probability", so less probable detections are more transparent, while higher probabilities and repeated observations are darker.

NSAF fractionation data is shown as green (s-MEM SLayer), red (SEC Secretion) and blue (Media Secretion) bars covering the width of the related gene. Transparency indicates NSAF measurement on a log scale.

Tiling arrays shown in heatmaps are log ratios relative to the reference condition taken as a time series during growth.

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Data available as a sqlite3 db:

Peptide tracks

Peptide fraction tracks are listed below. They are displayed as totals (labeled Peptides: all fractions above) and as individual tracks (labeled Peptides: selected fractions). Visibility of the individual tracks can be toggled by select Visibility under the Tracks menu. Mouse-over tooltips display the peptide sequence and its redundancy, if available, in parentheses. Redundancy is the number of places where the peptide maps to the genome, so a tooltip displaying NIDLL (4) means that this peptide maps to 4 places on the genome.