Gaggle Components
Data Standards

Halobacterium Gaggle (2007-04)

  1. Optionally start a Gaggle Boss
  2. Microarray Data
  3. Annotation
  4. Sequence Goose   (for use with BLASTP)
  5. Networks
  6. Genome Browser (some data available to Halo group only for now)
  7. Translators
  8. Analysis Tools
    • MeV MultiExperiment Viewer microarray data analysis tool.
    • R statistics package
      • If R and the Gaggle package are not installed, see these instructions.
      • Connect R to the Gaggle, as described in 'Startup'.
        • At the R prompt, type these commands (in R 2.4.x):
      • See the cribsheet for quick instructions on how to accomplish common tasks using R and the R goose.
    • Firegoose
      • If the Firegoose extension is not installed, see these instructions.
      • Start the Firefox browser.
      • Use the Paster Application to paste data into Firegoose.
    • Genome Browser
      • The genome browser is a tool for visualizing data plotted against coordinates on the genome. Tiling arrays and ChIP-chip data are a couple use cases.
    • BioTapestry

Reaction-Centered Cluster Explorations

  1. Pyruvate

Utility Geese

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