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Human CTCF and STAG ChIP-chip experiments

Results from the paper CTCF physically links cohesin to chromatin (Rubio PNAS 2008) show DNA binding locations for two proteins which assist in sister-chromatid cohesion in dividing cells. Binding sites in both the CTCF and Scc3/SA1 were detected by using the MeDiChI peak detection algorithm.


  • Launch Genome Browser with CTCF and STAG1 ChIP-chip data.
    • Note that the scaling is not optimal for viewing mammalian genomes. Try starting with the menu option Selections | Zoom out all then use the selection mouse tool and Zoom to selection to zoom in on areas of the genome with coverage.
    • Note also, no p-value cut-off has been applied -- maybe a good idea for a future feature would be filtering by p-value.
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