SSB Frequently Asked Questions

I'm perfectly happy with Gaggle. Why should I try SSB?

Some of the things SSB provides that Gaggle doesn’t are:

  • You can send data of arbitrary types, not just the Gaggle data types
  • SSB can be configured to use any combination of a wide variety of transports, not just RMI.
  • SSB can be configured to transform the data after it is sent and before it is received, which may make it more convenient to integrate programs who expect data in different formats.

On the other hand, if you are perfectly happy with Gaggle, there really isn’t any pressing reason for you to try something else, and you should just continue to use Gaggle.

Why are the jar files so big?

The jar files include all of the dependencies, which includes Mule, Spring, and ActiveMQ. There are also much smaller jar files which just include the SSB files. These would be appropriate if you already are using some of the dependencies in your application and don’t want duplicate copies of the same classes.

What do you mean by "backwards compatible with Gaggle?"

If you run the SSB server, SSB agents and Geese can communicate with each other. Geese see SSB agents as Geese and SSB agents see Geese as SSB agents. Of course, if you run the standard Boss, SSB agents won’t be able to connect, since they don’t know how to talk to a Gaggle Boss.

It would be possible to provide a connector so that SSB agents could talk to a Gaggle Boss, if the SSB server isn’t available, but I didn’t implement this feature.

Is this software supported by ISB?

The ISB people have provided some helpful suggestions and ideas, but are not to blame for the software. If you try it and have problems or questions, please contact etellman at

Why did you write this program?

Originally, I was just curious about Gaggle and Mule and thought it would be an interesting way to learn a little bit about both. I got a little carried away, and this program is the result.

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